Faith Voices for Decrim Inter-Faith Service

Leading LGBTIQ+ organizations in Kenya have been in court since 2016 seeking to have two sections of the Penal Code that criminalize same-sex relations repealed.

With the ruling on whether to repeal slated for 22nd February, we held an Inter-Faith Service to raise awareness and add a religious voice to the discussion.

Arguments against gay rights in Kenya have always been based on religion and culture, with claims that queerness is both sinful and un-African.

Having this service was important because it provided a different narrative. Bringing together people from different religions, we sought to affirm the lives, value, and dignity of the LGBTIQ community in Kenya.

The service was both emotional and inspiring as attendees shared about the different experiences they have gone through. Religious leaders present also affirmed and encouraged the queer community, promising support as allies and friends.

In the end, the atmosphere was one of hope, as one speaker put it, “We have already won!” This was in acknowledging the immense work that has already been done to get us to this point.

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