The Cosmopolitan Affirming Community (CAC), is an LGBTIQ inclusive religious fellowship based in Nairobi, Kenya. We believe in full inclusion and participation of all people within faith spaces and in our societies.

Our Story

In 2013,  6 young LGBTIQ Kenyans begun a ‘YouTube Communion’ driven by a need and desire to contextualize their own understanding of God and spirituality.

This communion was not structured and often just involved listening to gospel music, exploring and learning about African spiritual practices and, appreciating different compassionate messages and teachings about faith and God.

Several months later they met Bishop Tolton, then Pastor Tolton of TFAM, who at the time was in Kenya as part of his assignment in East Africa. Brother Tolton’s story as a  black queer pastor inspired the group to open up the communion to those around them that were also in search of healing and a spiritual home.

In November 2013, the group held its first official fellowship meeting.

Since then, CAC has grown into a vibrant and diverse community that meets regularly to worship, have communion with each other and to impact the society around us. Bringing together people from all walks of life, we have discovered the strength in our diversity, drawing from it the inspiration to do better every day.

Welcoming our Ugandan Brothers and Sisters

In February 2014, the infamous Ugandan anti-gay bill was signed into law. Many LGBTIQ Ugandans were forced to flee following cases of arbitrary arrests, abuse by the police, extortion, evictions, loss of jobs and even violence.

CAC became and still is a spiritual home and a family to majority of the LGBTIQ refugees living in Nairobi. We help facilitate links and referrals between the refugees and various organizations for asylum processing and also for access to health and legal services.


Our Vision for the Future

Full inclusion and participation of LGBTIQ individuals in faith spaces.



Our Leaders



Our Partners

OSIEA - Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa

TFAM - The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries

Out in Tech

MWA - Minority Women in Action