About Our Community

The Cosmopolitan Affirming Church (CAC) is an inclusive faith community in Kenya that openly welcomes LGBTIQ people of faith majority Christians; to explore and experience their faith in an affirming environment.

We seek to create and sustain inclusive faith communities that collaborate on a range of faith and justice issues connected to LGBTIQ dignity and inclusion.

In both our Nairobi and Kisumu chapters, we provide a safe space for weekly psycho-spiritual and psychosocial wellness activities utilizing religious tools and traditions, and invite you to join us.

What We Do

  • We provide a safe space for spiritual healing and communion for LGBTIQ people of faith
  • We engage grass-roots faith leaders and faith communities through joint worship experiences and theological training
  • We organize community workshops to steer conversations on LGBTIQ equality and inclusion
  • We train and engage the media on responsible and constructive reporting on LGBTIQ issues
  • We coordinate a movement of grass-root faith and community leaders called the United Coalition of Affirming Africans (UCAA) whose members actively promote the human rights of LGBTI people across different social and media platforms