UCAA Begins Media Sensitization on Interconnected Justice Issues

Where religious leaders were previously on the forefront in fighting for human rights in Kenya, they have taken a back seat lately. Cases of corruption and collusion with the political class have overtime eroded their moral authority and impetus to be the nation’s voice for truth and justice.

As a fellowship that advocates for human rights and dignity, we are committed to changing this trend.

From the very start, CAC has worked with discerning religious leaders in an effort to foster understanding, safety, and acceptance for queer people in religious spaces. Five years later, this partnership gave birth to UCAA – The United Coalition of Affirming Africans, an alliance that does not only advocate for the rights of queer bodies but human rights in general.

In 2018 in collaboration with grassroots and local media outlets, UCAA began an initiative to sensitize Kenyans on different human rights and justice issues.

On Mashujaa Day 20th October 2018, the UCAA team visited Mtaani Radio to shed some light on the plight of intersex persons in Kenya. Click here for the complete interview.

On the 1st of December 2018, one of the UCAA members Bishop Okombo appeared on Radio Waumini to talk about living with HIV/AIDS and on how to end stigma.


On December 15th, the team was also at Nyota FM in Bungoma discussing human rights with a focus on queer persons.



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