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Ruling on #Repeal162

February 22, 2019

Two lawsuits were brought before the High Court by NGLHRC, GALCK & NYARWEK challenging sections 162 (a) and (c) and 165 of the Kenyan Penal Code.

These sections criminalize “carnal knowledge against the order of nature and indecent acts between males whether in public or private”‘ with said crime attracting up to 14 years in jail.

These two sections are unconstitutional because they violate various constitutional rights including the right to privacy, freedom of expression, access to healthcare, the right to human dignity and the right to freedom from discrimination.

The joint petition was heard on February 22nd-23rd and March 1st, 2018. The most recent mention was on 25th October 2018.

22nd February 2019 is when the judgment of #Repeal162 will be given.


February 22, 2019
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